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ZTP Exclusive: Dread Engine “Coward” Official Music Video Premier

by Brian Kuhn on March 25, 2016
Electric Award

Being a filmmaker is much more than what it seems on the surface. The beauty of it at a local level is having the opportunity to work with people that truly understand your vision, and on an even rarer occasion does their vision match yours on almost every level. This really fosters a level of creativity that, while requires patience, allows you do things that create emotions that you only get from having experienced collaboration like this without outside interference.

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“Coward,” is a single off the inaugural EP release from the Columbus based Electronic Metal band Dread Engine and, in my personal opinion, the strongest track off of said EP. The video was shot at two locations, over two shoot days and production took around 2 /1/2 months to complete. The amount of hours and dedication that went into this video from everybody involved was unparalleled for a locally shot, low budget music video. From pre-production meetings, location scouting, narrative storyboarding, shoot days (which, day two was a 20 hour shoot day from 10am until 6am), post-production meetings and edition collaboration, the entire experience was one that will never be forgotten.

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Production began as a series of meetings where Sam, vocalist, and myself would get together with practical effects and makeup artist Stacia Gorsuch, whom I previously worked with on Bobaflex’s “Spider in the Dark” music video, and lead actress Katarzyna Kozicka. The evening’s would consist of chemically induced brainstorming of ideas in which the direction of the video should go, terrible impersonations of my current band mates and would eventually derail after we became too tired yet after two nights of this, we settled on a storyboard that would eventually become the narrative of the Coward video.

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Day one of production took place on December 21st, the SHORTEST day of the year. It was a chill 40 Degrees outdoor courtyard of 400 West Rich in Columbus, OH. We literally could only shoot from 12pm – 6pm, again, on this shortest day of the year. With production rushed on a tight schedule, we hustled to shoot 2 takes of each member solo, multiple takes of the band and cram in some narrative shots. The issue was: this wasn’t NEARLY enough footage for what we were trying to accomplish and once we ran out of daylight, we had to pack up and plan a second shoot day.


Day two might have happened sooner but between conflicting schedules and the untimely braking of my foot, it was pushed to early February and took place at Gesundheit Gallery in London, OH and over the course of the next 20 hours that would follow, we would produce enough footage to create, what we felt, was the perfect video. Much like before, we began by shooting all band performance shots and B-Roll. This consisted of multiple takes of the track while focusing on different members each take. By about 8PM, we were done with the band and ready to shoot all narrative related shots which took WELL into 6AM to wrap and just as a general commentary, everybody who was there until wrap at 6AM were absolutely troopers. We didn’t rush any of the scenes, the acting was beyond outstanding at that hour, my crew stuck with it even until late hours and our 90 minute drive to follow. This took dedication to our craft and everybody was in it until the end.

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Once the dust settled, I could get started with post production. This was a combination of myself making various drafts and collaborating with the band on their opinions of vision on how the video should appear visually. Eventually at the end of the process, we spent one evening until 4AM with Sam, Jay (drums),Katarzyna, and myself editing damn near close to the final draft of the video. This process was the best because it really made it clear to me that we were on the same level for our vision of the video and made it a joy to work with these individuals.

Now, I present to you, the video that so many hours went into creating. “Coward” by Dread Engine

Dread Engine are:
Sam Stockdale – Vocals
Rick Kaercher – Vocals/Sampling
Jake Lahmon – Lead Guitar
Shaun Hale – Rhythm Guitar
Wesley Wayt – Bass Guitar
Jay Coughlin – Drums/Percussion


Directed by Brian Kuhn
Filmed and Edited by Glass Moon Productions

Coward Day 2 Group

Special thanks to: Katarzyna Kozicka – Actress, Stacia Gorsuch – Makeup & FX, Austi Welsh – Quirky Clean & 400 West Rich, Shannon Shaw – Gesundheit Gallery, George Peyton – Lost or Forgotten Photography, David Ropp from Dedbeat, Andrew Campbell / Aaron Grafton / Natasha Hendershot – Production Assistants.

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