Thousand Foot Krutch OXYGEN:INHALE

by Jeremy Moore on August 12, 2014
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Thousand Foot Krutch OXYGEN:INHALE


TFKThis is actually not the review I originally had planned for this album, first time around just wasn’t appropriate. I was in a piss poor mood when I wrote it so I tore off the page, tossed it over my shoulder and started over.


I feel like this is almost three different Albums in one, like I can feel the obvious changes in mood as they wrote. You have straight up hard rock that has a tip of the hat to Johnny Winter with a bit of twang in the slides. Slower, dare I say “Bluesy”, songs that really hold their own, just not your typically filler songs between radio releases. Then you have a couple with a soft, lightness to them that truly take a moment to embrace. Trevor McNevan can really sing, hitting notes and keys that I really didn’t expect, and when he did I was pleasantly surprised by the crisp clarity that seemed like he could carry on forever. The bluesy undertones like you find in “GLOW” are really what set this off for me, setting it apart from the other groups to come out of the same genre to my recent memory. I do wish there was more though, but I supposed I may fall into the “More Cowbell” section. (I’m one of those people who can keep adding to something that’s already great till it’s ruined so take my word as you will.)


I won’t go on too much further but when you go pick up this CD or digital download (which you really should) maybe start it from the last song and work backwards. That was my first expeience with the album, ended up on my phone backwards and I didn’t realize it until I had already finished it. “Glow” being such a good song, ranks 2nd best on the album. The vocal roller coaster is just phenomenal. The song that really sunk it’s hooks into me, claiming first in the ranks, happens to be the shortest song on the whole CD and quite possibly the shortest of all of their recorded songs. “Light Up” just has something that reaches into your heart. When you hear the chorus you’ll get it.

Sadly though, the title track just missed the marks for me, was definitely my least favorite. After hearing some of the more heartfelt songs first, with such raw passion that seemed to just permeate into my ears, “Born this way” was a bit lackluster. Just kind of felt like the record company said “Hey, you have to make something just for the radio”, and that’s what they did.

Make sure to pick up this album at any fine music retailer on August 26th



With upcoming featured performances and headlining positions on the summer festival circuit after performing at the premiere festivals Rock on the Range and Rocklahoma for the last two consecutive years (it’s very rare for bands to get invited back two years in a row), the Ontario, Canada-bred TFK has been a continuously escalating highlight reel since their formation in 1997.  Receiving over 2,000, 5-star average customer reviews on iTunes® alone for its 2012 independently released, SiriusXM Satellite Radio Octane-nominated “Epic Album of the Year,” The End Is Where We Begin, the album went on to become the band’s biggest ever selling mainstream album (hitting No. 14 on the Billboard Top 200) and spark five Active Rock radio hits (“Let The Sparks Fly,” “War of Change,” “Light Up The Sky,” “Courtesy Call,” “Fly on the Wall”).  The album has been also been streamed on YouTube over 215 million times, and continues get about 296,000 plays every day.

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