The Family Ruin needs your help!

by Jeremy Moore on July 10, 2015

I don’t do this too often as lots of bands set up Go Fund Me accounts and ask for a range of things from help with merch to help cutting an album.  Usually I support but it never makes headlines here at ZTPMAG but this time I just had to say something and help out with the loudest voice I have.

To make it easy I’ll just directly quote what the band has set up on their account.  Afterwards check out the interview I did with the guys when they came through Columbus with Asking Alexandria.  These guys were true gents and even invited my writer and I out for drinks after the show, besides that they were just good guys to talk to with an awful lot of heart.  Not sure I’ve come across a non local band that I’ve liked so damn quick.  So if you can find the time and cheddar in your wallet, maybe consider donating to these guys and help them keep delivering killer metal to new fans every day.  I guarantee one day when they are headlining arenas you’ll feel like you had a special little part in their success!

I’ve already sent my 50.00 from the ZTPMag camp!


So here we are, 5 dudes in America trying to break this band. 8 months into it all our personal life savings have dried up.  It literally has been blood, sweat and tears.

Our first few tours were amazing. We met some amazing people, fans, friends and played some incredible shows! We were lucky enough that we managed to turn a small profit which enabled us to hire a vehicle for the next set of dates and so on and so forth.

However; following a disastrous tour we are now (for want of better words)……. f*cking screwed!

The last tour was a washout following the very first show. The headliner dropped out after night one, leaving us and the other bands on the tour with two options. 1) Call it a day, let the fans down but go home, save the money on van rental and wait for the next tour. 2) Strap on a pair of bollocks and head into the unknown, the show must go on, right?

It did. We covered 8,000 miles on a wing and a prayer. Not knowing day to day whether the next show would be on, and if we would even be getting paid. We took severe cuts in Fee’s from promoters most of the way through the tour.  At least twice we drove 8 hours to find out ‘Yeah you can still play if you want, but you play for free!’. At this point I would like to personally like to thank Jahred Gomes of (HED) PE for working hard on keeping the tour going as best possible. That guy is a hard worker and what he did kept the tour alive for us and our friends in Scare Don’t Fear.

So anyway, now i shall cut to the chase….

We start the Tour with 10 years and Nonpoint next week and at the moment we have no money, we are broke. we KNOW this tour will get us back on track, but we need a van and merch to get out there and make it work.

For those interested here is how a tour at our level works.

We get a fee from the promoter which if we are lucky will cover our fuel costs. Bearing in mind we can drive for 10 or more hours a day, that’s a lot of fuel.

We then really on you guys, our fans, to be at the show and buy merch from us. The money we receive from merch firstly pays off the basic cost of the merch we have had made, secondly covers the cost of the van rental.  Anything left over goes back to the label / into our band account so we have some money to start the next tour (this is what was missing from the last tour…. ‘profit’).

The tip jar we have on our merch desk is a god send. with that we buy food so we can actually eat while on the road, for that we are eternally grateful. Bologna and cheese sandwiches is always the order of the day!

So at this point we have to try this Go Fund Me thing out. It seems a little shameful, we’re a little embarrassed we have to do it to be honest. Especially asking you guys who have already given us so much. Whether that be coming to a show, buying merch, spreading the word and telling your friends, or even just following us online, THANK YOU!

We come to you now asking for anything you can do to help us get back out on the road next week. Any money at all that you can spare can help keep this band alive. we want to keep playing for you, we want to succeed so we can continue to do what we were born to do, get up on stage and give it everything we have.

If you cant spare anything that’s cool, please pass this onto someone who may be able to. even that is a great help.

Thank you all so much for believing in The Family Ruin, together we can make this work!

Big love,

Johnny and the boys.

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