NEW MUSIC REVIEW: Shallow Side Debut Album “ONE” on sale now

by Craig Noce on January 16, 2017

Alabama rockers Shallow Side, who have taken it to be their personal holy mission to spread the glory of modern rock & roll as far and as wide as they can to anyone who will listen.  “The energy and excitement of rock & roll is missing nowadays, and we need it now more than ever,” believes Shallow Side’s frontman, vocalist Eric Boatright.  “Our goal is that we want to revitalize that entire genre and remind the world how rock & roll can be such a strong force in everyone’s lives.”

The proof of Shallow Side’s pure rocking prowess can be found within the deep grooves of their new EP titled ONE, which is being released by Thermal Entertainment on January 13, 2017.  ONE is one tight, ass-kicking affair from the get-go, from the wham-bam all-out jam of the opening track “We Roll” to the fist-waving defiance of “Rebel” to the put-up-or-shut-up manifesto of “Fight or Flight” to their all-guns-a-blazing modern-day take on a well-loved rock classic, Styx’s “Renegade.”


Shallow Side garnered an immediate lifetime fan in Tommy Shaw, the Styx vocalist/guitarist who’s also the songwriter of “Renegade,” the instant he heard the band’s rabble-rousing cover of their signature song.  “I’m impressed by these guys.  Good arrangement, good performance, good video,” Shaw says of Shallow Side’s “Renegade” cover, which helped open the door for Shallow Side to make new fans.  “We needed that ‘handshake’ with listeners who already love rock music,” Boatright says of the song that became both a rock-radio staple and a YouTube sensation when it was released as a single in late 2016.

Ultimately, Shallow Side is creating new music that fuses the best intentions of classic rock with modern crunch and southern flare by planting their flag at the intersection of where Shinedown meets Styx and Journey meets Daughtry.  One song Shallow Side fans will be grooving along with right from the start is the current single from ONE, “Fight or Flight,” which unifies the ideas set forth with the one-two punch of “Rebel” and “Renegade,” the EP’s initial radio hits songs.  “That’s the heaviest song on this EP,” Boatright clarifies.  “It tips the hat to the rock & roll market that exists today and also says, ‘If you guys want to run heavy, we’ll run heavy with you.  We can do that — and we’re not scared of it, either. We’re very good at it.’”

Shallow Side’s main message is one of unity. “When we first started, rock & roll wasn’t for us,” Boatright concludes. “We wanted to go to a concert, enjoy the music, sing along, and be a part of the overall song and dance. We’re now looking to bridge that gap to bring the family together to where rock & roll was at one point. The mission since we began was to take the wheel and steer it back into a direction where everyone from all walks of life could enjoy a good rock show.”


Considering the band’s all-in philosophy, it appears that ONE is most definitely the best name for this raucous EP. Let’s all join together and revel in having Shallow Side show us the ONE true way to the future of great rock & roll.injuries while touring and it hasn’t slowed us down enough to lose momentum.”

The band just received their highest honor to date being selected Loudwire’s Best New Artist of the Year.

We at ZTP Magazine have recently had the chance to give the six track EP a listen.  The first two tracks of the album, “We Roll” and “Rebel”, hit us hard with a heavy southern rock sound and classic metal riffs.
The third track features a cover of “Renegade” by the classic rock band Styx.  They gave this old classic favorite a vibrant new sound with their own flavor of hard southern flare.
The track “Fight Or Flight” has a very catchy beat, that sort of drops away with the chorus but rolls right back in. The vocals are solid, but the track is not quite as impressive as the rest of the EP from our perspective but it’s still a good tune.
“Can You Hear Me” is song that has a great chorus that we imagine as a staple track for their live performance. We can easily see this as bringing in a lot of crowd energy during the live show and look forward seeing just that.
The closing track, “Start a Fire” is another track with a killer chorus that delivers a solid metal edge with country beat.
Over all we are very excited about this release. It’s great to a new release that ventures away from the typical sound of a lot of the new music in the scene, Shallow Side has there own sound and they deliver it with style . Eric Boatright is a talented vocalist and uses a wide range to deliver some very powerful vocals. The deep musical riffs of Cody Hampton on Bass/Guitar give them a unique heavy sound with southern undertones, with Seth Trimble on Guitar/Keyboard and Heath Fields on Drums. They form a melodically groovy sound that we are sure to see making radio play lists all across the country.
We’ve heard rumors of a full length album release is expected later this year from Shallow Side, we ZTP Magazine will be anxiously keeping an eye for that and will date everyone with news and information as well any new tour dates as they present themselves.

New Album “ONE” Available Now!
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02-13-17 in Sioux Falls, SD at Bigs Bar
02-15-17 in Colorado Springs, CO at Sunshine Studios
02-17-17 in Las Vegas, NV at Radio Contraband Convention (performing awards night - private)
02-19-17 in Scottsdale, AZ at Rock Bar
04-29-17 in Las Vegas, NV at M Resort Spa Casino (Rock Into Spring)
05-27-17 in Madison, WI at Alliant Energy Center (Bratfest)


Shallow Side Main Page / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube
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