Say hello to Gabbi, Ohio’s Hollywood bombshell!

by Jeremy Moore on May 9, 2015

Sometimes models approach me to be in ZTPMAG, but Gabbi was special.  I had to clear up somethings before I could get her penned in but once I was able I had to have her here!  She was such a doll to work with, a real natural beauty and totally down to earth.  And as you’ll see below, a total smart ass, she’s pretty much every red blooded American’s dream come true!

If you’re lucky, we’ll be doing a special continuation of this set very soon that will simply be too hot for these pages.  They’ll be available on her site along with other sets that you’ll be sure to love!

Stay tuned!

Ladies and gents, meet Gabbi.




I’m Gabbi. I don’t remember when I was born because I was too young, but it was 20 years ago. I’m from a small farming town can you believe it blah blah blah. I’m naturally a dirty blonde (don’t be a pervert) but I dye it platinum because it says “I’m all boobs and no brain!” Just kidding. I have a brain sometimes.

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All I really need in life is caffeine, hot sauce, music (not the shitty kind) and other various taboo items. You have to bring the handcuffs though. If I weren’t a model, I would probably be an exotic dancer, except for I’m really awkward and shy and don’t flirt or dance well so actually yeah never mind… if you want to know more just follow me on the inter webs.

I had a few questions for Gabbi, you know, so we could all get to know her a little better.  I asked the hard questions that others were to afraid to ask, have a look!

Sweet or sour?


Pepsi or Coke?

Coke, is that even a question?

Favorite color?

Purple, bright ass purple!

Do you prefer your steak still mooing or burned to a crisp?

Still mooing, but not OVERLY mooing.

You win one million dollars, what’s the first three things you would do with your winnings?

1. buy a car that isn’t falling apart!

2. Pay off debts (if I remember, I’d probably be too excited) if not then go shopping.

3. Get the hell out of Newark

Where would you go?

Anywhere but Newark!

So then I’ll just put you down for Alaska?

Fuck that, maybe New York or London.

What’s the first thing you notice about a guy?

Height, voice, and if he doesn’t have shitty taste in music.

Favorite bands?

The Sex pistols, The Ramones, The offspring

You can Cure hunger, hate or disease, but you can only choose one.  Which would you choose?

Hate, because without hate there would be no hunger.

Disease is inevitable

That’s all we have for you now folks, remember to check back soon for more info on her special set coming soon!  For now you can find her on Facebook at the link below!

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