February Is For Lovers – Let’s Talk Sex

by Ashley Davison on February 12, 2018

When you write for a magazine that covers music events, people tend to ask you what you are listening to. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we at ZTPMAG have occasioned ourselves to let you in on what we listen to when we want to get freaky. While it may seem disingenuous to dedicate an arbitrary day to wooing, there is nothing Americans like more than romance, consumerism, and some good fuckin’. We compose poems and songs to convey it, memorialize it in our art, and we have even created entire genres of film dedicated to it. We like to fall in love, and we like to fuck, so let’s set the mood and fuck the night away!

Stephani has some rocking picks for us:

 Passenger – Deftones
Even if the lyrics were different, the music itself is still sexy, and the chorus is aggressive. “Drive faster” …yes, Chino. “Roll the window down” …yes, Maynard. Almost makes me want to put a “Sir” in there!
 Bleed – Meshuggah
Don’t judge me…
 The New Black – Strapping Young Lad

I wondered if something by Devy would make my list, and here it is. I didn’t listen to much of SYL back in the day, but I like having the opportunity to check out music I may have overlooked before. The first time I heard this song, I thought, “Oh damn…” and I sat in my car and listened to it 3 more time before joining friends at a local bar. Devin Townsend is a beast on guitar, and a master at vocals.

 Discipline – Nine Inch Nails
The drum intro has a sexy beat, then the guitar comes in and splits the uprights. And right when you think it can’t get any better, there’s Reznor on vocals, doing that agonized singing that he’s known for. It’s magic.
Got the Life – Korn
Probably one of the sexiest bass lines I’ve ever heard. I’m sure there’s more, and better, but this rhythm gets me excited.

Jeremy takes us from familiar territory to new heights: 

Music To Fuck To- Portishead, Digital Bath and Change (In The House Of Flies)- Deftones, Reptile- NIN
Are all fantastic slow and murderously kinky songs to fuck to.

Pussy – Rammstein
Just for fun and ridiculousness

No Ordinary Love- Sade

Is one of those smooth sexy songs that will always be classic

Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan – Silence (Tiesto’s In Search of Sunrise Remix) Which is very specific but damn….her voice is just so damn sexy, and with the strong pounding beat on the track…it’s just….yeah.


And finally, I’ll tell you how I like to get nasty:

Queen B – Puscifer
I like the airy hum of this track, but Maynard’s husky throbbing bass notes are what really make me tingle. Just don’t watch the music video. Or do. I won’t judge.

Desire – Meg Myers
While the entire album is worth a listen, her breathless vocals and the seemingly trepidatious music coalesce into a nearly orgasmic finish here. With lines like “I want to taste you/I want to skin you with my tongue,” it is as dirty as it is sensual, just the way I like it.

Born To Be Wild – J2 feat. Blu Holliday

The smokey remix of the 60s classic features the wild warbling vocals of Blu Holliday, cutting through the haze and dragging you into pleasures unknown.

Angel – Massive Attack 

The soft percussion is delicately layered with ethereal electronic harmonies, a slow crescendo punctuated by urgent beats and soft, lilting vocals. I actually saw a fetish performance set to this song, and I can never see it any other way.

Rock Me – Great White

Blues guitar and harmonica played just right makes me weak in the knees. I love to sing this song at karaoke. While it isn’t the best the 80s had to offer, it is damn close.

Happy Hump Day! (literally this year)

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