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Beyond Pluto: Pockets full of stardust

by Jeremy Moore on August 27, 2015
Editor's Pick

Last week I had the luck to see my friends in Beyond Pluto take the stage at the almighty Newport Music Hall, a venue that most Columbus bands dream about hitting on their way to the top.  It’s kind of one of those places that once you get to play you know you’re on the right track, as it holds tons of people and many famous faces have passed through those doors!



Every time I hear Beyond Pluto i’m more and more impressed and I’ve been around for a little bit (chuckle)  ZTPMAG did their first music video back in 2011.  We were all pretty young then, still developing our crafts, grinding out the rough edges and firing on as many cylinders as we could to make these dreams come true.



Beyond Pluto, led by T.J. Brown, have come together in the most recent form as a more creative and more mature band.  Not to say that the older stuff wasn’t good, but it may have been a bit ahead of it’s time.

What you have now is a meaty, slightly more rock sound that you can really sink your teeth into and the fans have been responding well to it.  These guys definitely have some super fans and I saw them front and center while I was pacing the photo pit, but every time I see them live I overhear conversations or people tell me directly that ” Damn, these guys are great!  I can’t believe how far they have come” or “holly shit, I was not expecting that!”

One thing is for sure, T.J. Brown and his boys put a lot of effort into lifting their listeners from their boots and inviting them to take a musical journey to places far BEYOND PLUTO.


T.J. Brown: Vocals

Shane Kelson: Guitar & Loops

Carlos Torres-Ortiz: Drums

Songs: http://beyondpluto.bandcamp.com
Merch: http://beyondpluto.storenvy.com





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